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New Release Furthermore (A Seamus McCree Novella #6.5)

Furthermore Cover

  • ISBN-13 Print Version: 978-1-943166-20-6
  • ISBN-13 Kindle Version: 978-1-943166-19-0
  • Copyright @2020 by James M. Jackson
  • Cover Design by James M. Jackson

This short read is packed with twists and turns.

With hidden money and connections to reach past his prison walls, The Happy Reaper threatens to avenge his capture and eliminate the entire McCree clan. Seamus must neutralize him, but how?

DNA can answer the question of who’s included in the McCree clan. Every family has secrets. Who has the right to know?

Check out the first chapter of "Furthermore (A Seamus McCree Novella."

Download the pdf here. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

What Readers Are Saying

  • This is a quick, fast-moving novella that throws you into the action and continues the momentum until the very end.
  • In Furthermore, James Jackson has included all the elements that you need in a good story. The bad guys and good guys are there. The mystery and suspense is there and his picture of Seamus and his family is as interesting as always.
  • I love a good suspense and this has it all. So much mystery, lots of twists and turns, so much going on, will he, won’t he? From start to finish each page grabbed my attention in this well written, absorbing and intricate story which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to you.
  • I picked this up as an introduction to Seamus McCree, can you believe that? This novella is outstanding. Despite my lack of familiarity with all things Seamus, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It is a perfect teaser, it turns out, and I am going to jump back to start with Ant Farm.

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