Ant Farm [978-1-943166-00-8]

by James M. Jackson

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In this first book in the Seamus McCree series, after thirty-eight retirees meet a gruesome end at a picnic meant to celebrate their achievements, financial crimes consultant Seamus McCree comes in to uncover the evil behind the botulism murders.

But the deadly picnic outside Chillicothe, Ohio, isn't the only treacherous investigation facing Seamus; he also worms his way into a Cincinnati murder investigation when the victim turns out to be a church friend's fiancé.

While police speculate this killing may have been the mistake of a dyslexic hit man, Seamus uncovers disturbing information of financial chicanery, and by doing so, puts his son in danger and places a target on his own back. Can Seamus bring the truth to light, or will those who have already killed to keep their secrets succeed in silencing a threat once more?

Check out the first four chapters of Ant Farm.

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Click this link for the Book Club Discussion Guide. Beware: it contains spoilers.

What Readers Are Saying

Jim Jackson nails a first line: "I flicked on the porch light and discovered grief standing in front of my door." I loved ANT FARM, the prequel to his other two Seamus McCree mysteries. The twists of plot just kept on giving, and his characters felt like real people, especially Seamus and his hacker son, Paddy. The writing was deep, the crimes intriguing. Read the book. You won't be able to put it down!

~ Edith Maxwell, author of the Country Store, Quaker Midwife and Lauren Rousseau Mysteries

What I loved most about Ant Farm are the vivid characters. I actually felt like I was in the room, car, etc with Seamus McCree. An awesome sequel that is suspenseful till the end.

~ Kristina Stanley, author of Descent

Dirty dealings, dirtier secrets, and one rough-edged sleuth come together in this gripping follow-the-money mystery. Seamus McCree is a brilliant, temperamental protagonist, capable of both gruff concern and charming guile, unsurprised by the depths of human greed.

Jackson's crisp plotting keeps the story rolling, and his complex characters feel as real as next door. Get to know Seamus, one of crime fiction's most intriguing sleuths, and plan to stay up late turning the pages.

~ Tina Whittle (author of the Tai Randolph Mysteries)

Fast paced, with fully drawn characters, Jackson draws us in with the skill of an accomplished storyteller.

~Judy Penz Sheluk, author of The Hanged Man's Noose

Seamus McCree can be cantankerous, but he's also smart, resourceful, and dogged in his pursuit of results, and watching him untangle this particularly knotty mess of murder, money and mayhem was very satisfying.

~ Marilyn LaRew, author of the Lee Carruthers series

Jackson's prequel to his Seamus McCree Mystery Series is rich in textural details and flush with three-dimensional characters. I very much enjoyed reading Seamus' hair raising adventures.

~ Maggie Toussaint, award-winning mystery author

What I really liked best about Ant Farm was the relationship between Seamas and his son, Paddy. It was loving without being sentimental, with enough tension to make it believable.

~ Sandy Cody, mystery author

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