Submissions are Closed They will reopen in 2023.

Please read our FAQs for answers to common questions. Below is what you need to know to make a submission.

What we want

We only publish works within the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category that broadly fit our tagline: “North of Cozy; South of Noir.” If you’re not sure whether your novel fits, it probably doesn’t.

Minimum length: 15,000 words

Maximum length: Whatever it takes to tell your story. We don’t care as long as we’re flipping pages, wondering what is going to happen next.

Language: American English

Setting: United States or Canada or someplace we don’t have to research location facts (e.g.. a fictional island off the Antarctica Peninsula would be fine).

Contemporary or Futuristic. No historical (we don’t have the ability to make sure your historical world is accurately portrayed).

We are not into pornography, gratuitous sex or violence, or works intended for children or middle-grade. YA to codgers is fine. Sex and violence are part of life and part of mystery/suspense/thrillers; just make sure it is part of the underlying story and its characters.

Most important: When we get to the end of your submission and congratulate you on what a fine story you wrote.

Second most important: As your mother probably told you, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. While part of what we do as a publishing house is try to catch typos and fix grammar errors, if the manuscript you provide is littered with them and misspellings, we’ll assume you really don’t care about your product. That makes us ask, why should we?

How do I submit my manuscript?

Electronically, but only during an open submission period. If you submit your manuscript when we’re not reading, well, we won’t read it.

Please email your submission package to us at wolfsechopress [@] gmail.com. If you physically mail something to us, we’ll be ticked because it means we’ll feel obligated to shred it or burn it in our burn barrel. We hate waste. Your electronic package should consist of the following items:

Cover email:

Subject : your last name [slash] the working title of your work. For example if Herman Melville were submitting Moby Dick the subject would be Melville/Moby Dick.

In the body of the email provide

full actual name

pen name (any you plan to use)

manuscript word count

previous publication history, if any

whether this work is part of a series, and the status of the rest of the series (for example, this is book one, the first draft of book two is complete – or whatever)

two “readalikes” (Melville would say if you like X and Y, you’ll like Moby Dick)

The following statement: With this submission, I state that no other publisher is currently evaluating this manuscript, and I currently grant Wolf’s Echo Press an exclusive evaluation period of thirty days, during which time I or my agents will not provide any other publisher with this manuscript for evaluation.

Sign the body of the email with /s/[your real name]

6 separate attachments (Word document or Rich Text File format)

Your complete manuscript (see FAQ on formatting suggestions)

40-word promotional blurb

100-200-word back-cover blurb

1-page (single spaced) synopsis for the entire book. Make sure to include the ending.

An author bio (about 100 words)

Your marketing plan (see FAQ for what to include)

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